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The Mission

Improving children's literacy by connecting them to reading tutors through world-class research, training & feedback.

The Vision

We see a world where every single child is inspired & liberated through the power of reading.

Our Story

Originating in an idea, the Read With Us phenomena was born from an obvious but recognised need for online reading sessions for children. The real challenge was helping parents to get their children to read amidst their busy lifestyles and increasing working commitments. We also found that children reading on their own tend to skip words that they don't understand and miss out on growing their vocabulary, comprehension, and other vital literacy skills impacting their overall learning and enjoyment. This also causes disengagement in children as they're unable to get to the point and receive the true benefits of reading. This issue overall is due to a lack of 1-to-1 time with an adult who can challenge and help them along. Another hurdle was that many children have become reluctant readers because they are simply behind their peers leading to a loss of confidence. ignorance of the impact that reading truly has on a child's life and the progression of their capabilities. In our search for the solution to the problem, the Read With Us tutors have banded together to tackle this challenge bringing their shared mission, values, and strengths along with them in search of the answer.

Our journey has led to the discovery of a solution that has helped us cater to every child's unique learning style, through the creation of the perfect platform for easy, inspiring tuition that has helped countless children prosper and flourish. At Read With Us we strive to be that place for your child. Now, with Read With Us, busy parents can take pride in their child's progression with our 15 minute live and interactive learning sessions that fully engage children and leaves them feeling accomplished and inspired to read more and more every time. Using our online platform you can easily book your tutor on any PC, tablet, or mobile device whenever suits you best, leaving your child in good hands with our remote private tutor. Through our free trial feature, we have demonstrated the power of reading in every child's life without any upfront investment allowing parents to cross the threshold and see for themselves. Lastly, we have brought private tuition costs down to a level that is affordable for every parent and worthwhile for every child in an effort to achieve our vision for every child to be inspired and liberated through the progressive power of reading.

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