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Who is read with us for?


Read With Us is an online reading company that helps parents by providing brilliant reading tutors to read with their children for 15 minutes three times a week as recommended by teachers and backed by the research. Both tutors and students enjoy one-to-one sessions from the comfort of their homes. 


What are the benefits of Read With Us?

Parents benefit from knowing that their children are reading, learning, and enjoying themselves in the hands of their personal reading tutor.
Children who read frequently benefit from increased levels of understanding, decision-making, and communication capabilities. 
Children who read with our tutors benefit from, enjoyment, increased education, and personal connection with a successful mentor figure.

Where do Read With Us sessions take place?

On our platform via Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile. Simply log on, start your session and leave them to it.

When can I schedule a reading sessions?

Whenever suits you best. Just browse our tutors here, check their availability and pick a time.

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are current university students or recent graduates from top universities who have achieved excellent grades. All tutors are trained by Read With Us on how to deliver sessions the Read With Us way before being added on the website. Our tutors have a responsibility to deliver academic progress as well as being role models to your child.

How does it work?

Parents who want their child to read with our tutors are able to register with Read With Us and select a tutor to read with their child. All our tutors are DBS checked and good role models to your child. 

I don’t know how this works, what should I do?


We do realise that this is a new concept; this is why we offer a free trial so you and your child can experience working with Read With Us tutors before committing. And after the trial, we advise that you let your child decide.


My child already knows how to read, why should I join?


All children benefit from reading with our tutors. For the avid and strong readers, our tutors will challenge their comprehension, vocabulary skills as well as other key skills whilst enjoying a good book. However, if your child is struggling to read our tutors will go down to basics and help your child learn to read properly.


I am busy and I am afraid I won’t have the time?


You can access our tutors anywhere in the world, all you need is a device and reliable internet. Some people have had their sessions in car parks, parks, hotels, and even motorways. There is absolutely no excuse for missing lessons.


Do I have to sign up for reading every day?


We recommend reading with our tutors at least three times a week if you want to see good progress. You can have a look at different packages offered on our website.


How do we connect with a tutor online?


Getting started is easy. After signing up on Read With Us, you will choose a tutor you like and send them a message. The tutor will get back to you as soon as possible usually a day or less. After that you can book a trial and meet your tutor on lesson space via video link.


Do I have to buy a book?


No… Read With Us has its own e-library which provides high-quality texts and the library is banded following the reading ages.


What should I expect on the trial?


The trial is for both the child and parent to experience the concept so they can make an informed decision. However, we do recommend that it’s the child who makes the decision to join us.


Can I pay for my friend or relatives’ children?


Yes…you can use our gift card facility where you can buy any number of sessions and send it to your loved ones.


How do I pay for lessons?


The easiest way to pay is by topping up your wallet on your account. Adding credit to your wallet means you won’t need to pay each time you book sessions, and that sessions will be confirmed as soon as the tutor accepts them. If you prefer you can select a package and pay as you go. To do this, click on ‘Book now’, select the package you wish to pay for, and fill in your card details. Payments are made online using a credit or debit card through the Stripe secure payment system. Having problems? Please email us at info@readwithus.org.uk to let us know.


Can I reschedule a session?


You can request to reschedule a lesson anytime up to 48 hours before the lesson is due to take place. Please make sure that you agree on this with your tutor before rescheduling, and then use the ‘Reschedule’ button next to the lesson booking and choose a new time slot. Your tutor will then confirm and payment will be transferred.


Can I rebook the same tutor?


Of course! Once you find the perfect tutor, you are welcome to book in as many sessions with them as you require. Need to try a new tutor? No problem. You can contact new tutors at any time.


Do you provide progress reports?

Progress reports are available on request, please email the office to ask for one.

How do I know if my child is making progress?

Go on your profile under lesson packages and book a parent consultation lesson. There you'll get the opportunity to meet with the tutor to discuss progress and next steps.

My child does not get on with the tutor what should I do?

You can either go through different profiles of the tutors on our site and read the views and this will help you choose a tutor who is suitable your child's learning style, if this doesn't help, please feel free to email the office on info@readwithus.org.uk and we will help you find the right tutor for your child.

I have got such a busy schedule and I am afraid I might forget some of the sessions.

You don't need to worry as you will always receive a reminder on your email 30 minutes before your child's session. All you need to do is to turn on the notifications on your phone and you will see the message when it arrives.

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