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How A Reading Tutor Can Enhance your Children’s Learning Skills?

By admin
2022-03-16 |    0


When a child is born, we are naturally brought closer to the essence of creation. It is like a dream coming true where adults seamlessly transition to storytellers. But while they are growing, a professional like a reading tutor can boost the child’s reading level, improve language skills, prepare them for academic success, enhance their imagination along with creativity and so much more. In this blog, we cover in detail how a reading tutor can enhance your child’s learning skills.  

Importance of Having a Reading Tutor for Preschoolers

Children start developing language and literacy skills when they are in preschool or kindergarten. Discussed below are several points on why best online reading tutors for preschoolers are important.

  • One-on-one support - By giving individual attention (which they might not get in the classroom), reading tutors can help children to enhance their reading skills and gain confidence.
  • Make reading funReading can feel like a chore to kids especially when there are so many distractions (especially digital, like video games). In such cases, a reading tutor can make reading fun by gamifying it.
  • Helps increase comprehension - Reading tutors can work with kids to improve their comprehension skills by making it easier for them to interpret the text independently.
  • Helps boost a child’s confidence - Reading tutors can boost a child's confidence as they understand their pace and polish their reading abilities accordingly; i.e. without degrading or wounding their feelings. 

How can Reading Tutors Help Children (Preschool and Kindergarten) Learn to Read?

Many kids explore learning (literacy) on their own while playing as they start by figuring out how to decipher a word on a page through the sound, while others might need the one-to-one attention of a tutor. As reading is more than seeing a word on a page and its pronunciation, kids need to be able to structure the sentence properly by using correct grammar. 

Ways reading tutors help preschoolers in learning to read:

  • Activating Prior Knowledge
  • Answering and Generating a question
  • Using Guided Visualization 
  • Making and Verifying Predictions
  • Monitoring Comprehension
  • Recognizing Story Structure

Importance and Benefits of Reading to Preschoolers

Irrespective of age, regular reading can reap several benefits for both physical and mental health. These are:

  • Strengthens the brain - While reading, several characters and settings are to be remembered. Therefore, to remember the details throughout the story the brain undergoes an intense workout which further strengthens and improves the memory function.

  • Increases the ability to empathize - Reading books allows children and individuals to experience realities that are outside of their lives, i.e. it constantly presents situations that are beyond our perspective. So by wearing the shoes of the narrator, individuals can learn to empathize. 

  • Helps in building vocabulary - Children who start reading books regularly at an early age, gradually build a repository of good vocabulary. Having a good vocabulary can influence several aspects of life - from acing in school tests to college admissions and career opportunities. 

  • Reduces stress - As per recent studies by Sussex University, reading for just 6 minutes a day can reduce stress and heart rates by 60% or more. So without diverting a large amount of time from studies, kids can incorporate reading to combat psychological distress. And what's more, it is 700% times better than playing video games. 

  • Aids in a good night's sleep - Print books for kids are a great way to help them sleep faster. It distracts the brain with new information that can assist in taking their mind off from the usual information.

  • Prevents cognitive decline - People who start reading early in life as kids are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias that are a form of cognitive impairment as the mind is constantly stimulated while reading. 
How Read With Us is Different from Other Websites?

Read With Us is a leading online reading tutoring platform in the UK. It consists of several reading experts who can assist parents with busy schedules to get their children to read and enhance their literary skills. Further, the interactive sessions provided efficiently improve the vocabulary, language fluency, comprehension, and much more of children between the ages 4 to 12. It is a comprehensive and engaging platform that offers one-to-one reading sessions at a cost-effective price.


Through the progressive power of reading, each child can be liberated and motivated to become a trailblazer. Though a child’s reading level is just a measure of success in terms of academics, it is still crucial. So if you think that your child needs professional support to advance their skills, a reading tutor can help. For information regarding reading tutors for Kindergarten, contact us now.