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It’s Not Just You: Working Parents Hardly Get Time to Read With Their Children | But Worry Not

By admin
2022-05-16 |    0

President George W. Bush once said, "When it comes to the education of our children, failure is not an option.” But in a pandemic-minted world where most parents are busy working remotely, the need to keep education and learning going has catapulted to the forefront of most folks. Whether children are young or are teens, anyone who works from home can attest to the added stress. 

As parents feel that when they’re trying to divide their attention between caring for family members and work, they run out of time to read to their children. Read With Us, is an online reading and tutoring service that supports working parents. And, in this article, we will cover ways online tutoring can help alleviate the worry of working parents who do not have the time to read to their children.

Online Reading Tutoring and Its Many Benefits 

Children who are read have distinct advantages over those who are not. Not only does reading to your children help in improving their vocabulary, and language fluency, but it also causes their brains to associate books and other material with a feeling of well-being. So if you are a parent who is struggling with time to read to your child, worry not as there is always a different option to keep your child’s reading skill progressing. If you want to consider an online reading tutor, highlighted below are the benefits:

  1. Flexible Schedule- The flexibility offered is unparalleled as the best thing about online tutoring is that a parent can choose a schedule as per the child’s routine, i.e. whenever the kid is active. 
  2. Comfortable Learning Space- Sometimes a setup like face-to-face learning can be quite intimidating for young children as they will be meeting a stranger that would teach them. With online reading tutoring, your children will be in your home, a comfortable space.
  3. Online Reading Tutoring is Safe- With an online reading class, you can monitor your child as some of the online tutoring providers record every day’s tutoring. This is primarily done to let the parents know about their child’s progress. 
  4. Online Tutoring is Cost-Effective-  Online tutoring is not only safe but is more cost-effective than a face-to-face class. There is no cost to commute and it even saves traveling time. 
  5. Wider Selection of Tutors-  As a parent, you can hire an online tutor who is located anywhere in the country or world. This means that there is a wider selection of tutors available for your child. 
  6. One-to-One Attention- As a parent, when you are working, you don’t need your attention to be divided but you can feel guilty for the same if you are not being able to give time to your child and read them their favourite books. Experienced tutors give your child one-to-one attention so that you can breathe a little easier knowing that your child is with an online professional tutor. This will give you, even more, peace of mind knowing that your children are getting the attention they deserve.
  7. Relieves Stress and Anxiety- Delegation is an important step to take if you are going to maintain your mental health. Though there are several benefits of working from home in comfortable clothes and avoiding the rush hour traffic. There is still the extra stress that comes when you are juggling children and work-from-home duties can tend to pile up. When you schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions while you are working, it will reduce your stress and alleviate anxiety. 

How Read With Us - An Online Reading Tutors Platform Help in Tutoring Different Types of Students 

Read With Us is an online reading tutors platform that can be used by parents to improve their child’s reading skills with a primary focus on preschoolers and kindergartens. The platform provides an interactive and fun way for one-to-one reading sessions at a cost-effective price. Many of the courses can be tailored as per the needs of learners to support the child who is struggling to read. Its main benefits include:-

  • A huge number of primary school children can read well but cannot take in what they are reading; Read With Us encourages active reading and enhances comprehension, language, and vocabulary skills
  • Encourages your child to use the internet properly and effectively
  • There is an excitement in reading with a tutor 
  • Encourages your child to be responsible and work independently; also shows children that reading has value in everyday life   


By enrolling your children on an online reading and tutoring platform like Read With Us, you will find that maintaining a positive relationship between work and your children is an achievable goal.  For more information, you can visit our website and sign up to see for yourself, what a difference our professional reading tutors can make.